Anntie M's Attic - Hostess - Ann Walter as the Mad Hatter
Click here for a link to information on "Victorian Society Rules" that I submitted on the Cause A Frockus website.

Click here for a link to an interview published on the Cause A Frockus website featuring my shop and information on caring for vintage clothing! 

You are invited to promenade through women's history while relishing vintage clothing, hats and accessories that adorned women from the 1870's through 1980's.
Refreshments from a Victorian tea to 50's malt shop specials can be enjoyed by guests upon  
This is an interactive tea & fashion show extravaganza you will want to experience!  Use Anntie M's for your next birthday party, card party, bridal/baby shower and organizational meeting.  Make a reservation right here on the website.

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